Website Design

Mtech websites are designed completely from a blank canvas. This allows us to customize your site to whatever you would like it to do. We are not limited to what the "Template" allows us to do as you are on many "Build it yourself" websites.

Our Work

Please have a look at some the web sites that we have created.

Tech Stuff

Sites are designed using basic HTML combined with CSS. When needed javascript is included. We choose to not use JQuery as there is a lot of overhead that needs to be loaded with the pages to allow for the functionality which slows site loading and performance.

Some cases require that we store data for the sites, and there we use MySQL as a database, and access it using PHP based code.

Online Solutions

Communication is key to everything. Communication to your customers, employees, suppliers and much much more. The ways to manage that communication are endless.

Mtech will help you to decide what strategies, and products to use to help you to create an environment for you and your team to thrive.

Remember, it is not always about a computer. Most technology businesses will push using computers to solve problems, and sometimes that is the answer, but not always. Mtech looks for the best solution, not just the technical ones. Sometimes the answer is simply a pencil.

Data Solutions

We are in the information age. Most companies and organizations have more information than they can practically manage.

Mtech started by designing data management programs which work in conjunction with the normal operations of a company, therefore, keeping the work load the same, if not lower for the employees, yet organizing the data in a way that it can be retrieved in any way that is desired.

We start by first understanding the current way that you do business, and then we use a variety of tools to build something that you can use within your current system of business without creating more work.