About Us

MTech Computer Solutions is a company that I started many years ago. Like a lot of young people starting out on a career path, I was not completely certain what direction I should take. One thing I knew for certain was that I always had a passion for working with computers and making them “do things”. As a kid I remember spending hours with our family’s Coleco Adam computer. I had a book about programming in the BASIC language. I think I wore out the pages of that book learning how to make the screen flash, make the computer do funny things, and of course spending a few hours playing Buck Rogers.

So I decided to take that passion and apply it to my career goals in life. I completed the Computer System Technology program at the Red Deer College starting in 1995. It was in these courses where I learned the basics of many aspects of computers, but it was still the programming side and the making computers “do things” that kept my interest.

However, by the end of college, before settling into a full time computer position, I decided that I should take the opportunity to gain experience working in other industries. My first job was with a local hardware store as one of the yard workers. This was just a stepping stone until I figured out what I wanted to do with my life. Conveniently, that something found me. Through my interactions with customers I discovered that I had an aptitude for selling. I was quickly moved from the yard into the sales end at the hardware store which further led me to my second job as territory manager for one of the suppliers. I relocated to and traveled all of Manitoba, then moved back to Alberta to cover the Southern Alberta territory.

Personally, my wife and I were married and soon after a family was on the way. It's amazing how life goes like that. Travelling around the province was no longer as much fun and it was time to find something that would allow me to be home more often. I found the answer in a job with an Alberta agricultural machinery business as a parts person. Having grown up on and around farming, it was a great fit for me and my family. As before, I moved quickly into sales and was soon employed at one of their satellite stores selling machinery and managing the store.

During all this time, I had continued to work with computers and keep up on the changing technology and the opportunity to make computers do even more exciting things. A few people, by word of mouth, knew about my passion and abilities, and I would work with them to build software and web pages for their businesses in the evenings and on weekends. I found that it was helpful to have the ability to draw on the experiences that I have had with my exposure to different businesses and industries. I utilized this knowledge to provide a unique way of looking at the computer issues that they needed solved.

So now, my family is growing, and I don't want to miss it. I have realized that it making computers “do things” is still what makes me happy. I have decided to make MTech my full time career. I currently work out of my home office in Westlock, AB. My path to this point in life has not been typical of most computer professionals, but it is my exposure to other industries and aspects of business that has given me an inside perspective as to the challenges businesses face. With this knowledge base I am better able to work with individuals and business owners to develop solutions that are both efficient and effective.

Whatever your industry, MTech will help you find the computer solution that works for you!

Mike Taylor